Manual Wheelchairs and Walkers

Manual Wheelchairs, Power Assist and Walkers

Stay mobile with a sleek, lightweight manual wheelchair. Manual chairs are easier to transport than bulkier automatic ones so are ideal for more active users. Contact Wheelz Mobility today to discuss our range of manual wheelchairs and Power Assist devices.

Manual wheelchair range

Pride manual wheelchairs are ideal for more mobile users. Stylish, lightweight and durable these feature-rich wheelchairs are easy to transport allowing for a more active lifestyle. View the downloadable brochure and call us for more information.

Power Assist and Power Assist HD

Power assist devices fit onto a manual wheelchair to make pushing it easier. Comprising a battery pack and simple trigger mechanism, Pride Power Assist is specifically designed to help carers push a manual wheelchair over difficult terrain, like loose gravel or up steep inclines. Choose from 2 models, Power Assist and Power Assist HD.