Motorised scooter, wheelchair and power chair accessories

Customise your motorised scooter or wheelchair with a range of accessories from renowned brands. Whether you need back and head support, gel-filled accessories or canopies, we can help you source the perfect component to make moving around more comfortable. View the brochures below and call us in-store for more information.

Polaris Innovations

From rain covers and saddlebags to trailers and walking frame racks, Polaris Innovations design and manufacture a range of accessories to make your daily life easier. Customise your scooter with durable, quality accessories. Download the brochure to view your options.

Pride scooter accessories

Pride Mobility Scooters come with a range of stylish and practical accessories to enable you to customise your scooter to your unique requirements. Download the brochure to see the options available.

Gel Ovations

Gel Ovations accessories are designed to improve comfort, relieve pressure and reduce abrasions for the mobility impaired. The quality gel-filled accessories are durable and suit most applications. See brochure for more information.

ADI Backs

ADI positioning backs are made of carbon fibre or aluminium to be lightweight and strong. Providing maximum stability for your torso, they facilitate upright seating and reduce back pain. See the range in our brochure.

Q-Logic 3 vs. Q-Logic 2

Is the Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Control System from Quantum Rehab the best control system for your wheelchair? If you can’t decide between the Q-Logic 3 and the Q-Logic 2, this brochure should answer some of your questions. Alternatively, call us at Wheelz Mobility to discuss your options.

Stealth Head Solutions

Stealth Products recognise that head support needs to be comfortable, adjustable and feature rich. View the Stealth Head Solutions brochure to see the range of head support options available.

Stealth Product Range

Stealth is one of the leading manufacturers in the rehabilitation market. They have a comprehensive range of products including seating and positioning accessories, support straps and pelvic belts among other things. Download the full product range brochure here.