Power Chairs

Pride Power chairs & electric wheelchairs

At Wheelz Mobility we supply a range of power chairs from Pride Mobility Products. Power chairs are smaller than scooters and designed for indoor use, although they can be used outside as well. We supply and repair portable, mid-wheel, front wheel or rear wheel drive chairs. Give us a call or download one of our brochures

Portable power chairs

Portable electric wheelchairs are perfect for travel. The Go-Chair is quick and easy to disassemble and reassemble making it ideal for transportation. Browse the brochures for specifications.

Mid-wheel drive

Mid-wheel drive electric wheelchairs afford maximum stability. The Pride range comes equipped with a range of features including state-of-art suspension and adjustable, elevating seats. Click on the images below to browse the brochures.

Rear wheel drive

The rear wheel drive power chair is perhaps the most recognisable configuration of electric wheelchairs. Pride Mobility offer both foldable and fixed frame models. Have a look at the brochures to see which version is more suited to your requirements or call us to discuss.

Pride front wheel drive

Front wheel drive power chairs are more manoeuvrable than their rear or mid-wheel counterparts. At Wheelz mobility we offer 2 Pride electric wheelchairs in this configuration, the Jazzy Elite HD with a weight capacity of 204 kg and the Jazzy 1450 with a capacity of 272 kg.